Missouri Synod | Norwalk, CT

“Luther” Movie: Fellowship Hall

Feature Film Movie in 4K HD and Dinner Provided

  • Dinner begins at 5pm – Corned Beef & Potato, Chicken, Pasta, Green Salad. (Dinner courtesy of a Thrivent grant)
  • Please consider bringing any kind of dessert!
  • Movie starts at 6pm includes a theater popcorn machine
  • Please RSVP using the Register button

About “Luther”

During the early sixteenth century, idealistic German monk Martin Luther begins the dialogue that will lead to the Protestant Reformation. The film covers Luther’s life from his becoming a monk in 1505 to the Diet of Augsburg in 1530. “Luther Movie and Dinner Night” is being funded by a Missouri Synod grant.

“Martin Luther is without a doubt one of the most important figures in Western Civilization. His actions not only reformed Christianity, but also shaped the direction in which Europe developed and opened the door for additional reform and individual freedoms. “Luther” the movie does a fine job at highlighting Luther’s actions prior to and during the Reformation. It is during this time that Luther begins to question the veracity of indulgences. Returning to Germany, Luther is sent to Wittenberg, where he begins to teach his congregation that God is not a God of hate, but a God of love.” (Release date Sept 26, 2003)

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  • Joseph Fiennes
  • Peter Ustinov
  • Alfred Molina
  • Jonathon Firth
  • Claire Cox