Missouri Synod | Norwalk, CT

Shroud of Turin Replica Visited St. Peter’s

The day was well attended by visitors and church members locally and as far as 45 minutes away who came to view the rare, life-sized replica of the Shroud of Turin and a second, custom-enhanced research study depiction. On display was a period-representative herringbone cloth swatch and full size iron replica of the Roman spear-head that impaled Jesus’ chest.

Why Has The Shroud Been “Famous?”

The shroud, a blood-stained linen that bears the outline of someone crucified, is believed by many to be the cloth in which Jesus was buried. It has been the subject of scientific study and controversy for centuries.  

This rare replica of The Shroud tours the United States and was last on display at St. Peter’s in 2015.

It’s Not An Object Of Prayer

Many people think that prayers offered before an object such as the Shroud will bring them blessings from God, and Lutherans have always rejected this. Pastor will make a statement to this effect before Rev. Drobena gives a lecture on the Shroud.

This We Do Know: Jesus Resurrection Is Factual

There is no question, however, that Jesus suffered, died on a cross and rose from the dead for our salvation.