VBS Activities 2024

Introductory paragraph (Gary)

Bible Story

We’ll be teaching bible stories that show what God has given us and why we should celebrate him for it


Each day we’ll be learning new songs to praise and celebrate God and everything he gives us through Jesus.

Bible Exploration

The children will be exploring the Bible and doing an interesting science experiment that shows God’s great power and how it can be used to celebrate God.


We’ll be creating crafts that show what God gives us that we can use to celebrate Him.


To celebrate what God gives us we’ll be playing fun games that go along with our Bible story for the day.


To celebrate what God gives us we’ll be showing the children how to make delicious snacks that they can share with others, while also illustrating the Bible story they learned that day.

Daily Skit for Children

During our opening and closing each day there will be interesting skits showing God’s love for us and why we should celebrate Him.