Believers in Fellowship

St. Peter Lutheran Church is a congregation of believers who come together to worship the Triune God in Christ in thought, word, and deed with praise, study, and fellowship. On Sundays at 9am in adult bible study and 10am service, and throughout the week, practicing our faith is important. Missions and programs reflect God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Since 1911.

Ongoing Fellowship

Fellowship Happens. It happens before, during, after Sunday services, and into the week. Some talk more, all are great listeners, and each encourages, inspires, and supports others wherein His Word is the Light.

Fellowship & Events (View Calendar)

In Fellowship, we aspire to practice our faith and understand and obey God’s Word whether we’re single, married, youth, mother, father, grandparent, parents raising youth, or parents with college-aged kids. We have Events and activities on weekends and weekdays. Members and guests in fellowship. Discussion groups. Bible studies. Speakers.